Best Ultrabook with quad core processor 2017: Top quad core ultrabooks – high end laptops with quad core CPU

Which is the best ultrabook with quad core processor?

Let the top laptop experts help find you best ultrabook with quad core processor. Just a decade ago, most of the laptops being sold in market were single core but soon the CPU manufactures realized the importance of more number of cores. The operating systems were also tweaked to take advantage of multiple cores and so did the application developers. Many CPU intensive applications like solidworks and AutoCAD take advantage of multiple cores and difference in performance is noticeable as well.

So why buy an ultrabook with quad core processor? If you have ever used a dual core processor and then a quad core laptop, you will notice a significant jump in performance even if you are using latest i7 ultrabook. This is more noticeable in graphics designing applications like photoshop or as said earlier, when using solidworks on ultrabook or anything that makes use of multi-core computing. Even web browsing will be smoother as modern browsers make use of multiple cores for rendering different websites.

Best ultrabook with quad core processor 2017

A good, powerful processor is also need to drive ultrabooks with UHD resolution which is why you see so many desktop replacement ultrabooks with quad core processors. That being said, to drive an ultrabook with full HD resolution, you really do not need a super powerful processor with quad core. Any ULV modern processor will handle the full HD resolution just fine.

When buying a ultrabook with quad core processor, keep in mind that doubling the core will not double the speed as not all apps are tweaked for multiple cores. But you will definitely notice a bump in speed. On the flip side, the battery life won’t be as good as the dual core ultrabooks.

Here are the best ultrabooks with quad core processor.

Gaming ultrabook with quad core processor – MSI GS63VR

The MSI GS63VR is the best ultrabook with quad core processor. It packs the latest specifications with quad core i7 processor which is the latest 7th generation kabylake i7 7700HQ. It goes upto 3.8GHz under turbo boost mode which makes the fastest i7 processor right now.

Backing this immensely powerful processor is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 dedicated graphics card. This is based on Nvidia Pascal architecture and that brings desktop grade performance to the end user. It also makes it fully Virtual Reality-ready.

This allows the user to play games at highest settings at high FPS. If you are not gamer, it gives you strong graphics performance for video editing, music production and it definitely makes this ultrabook best for graphic designing, not just gaming.

There is hybrid storage configuration onboard where there is spacious 2TB hard disk and an additional 256GB PCIe SSD that makes everything instantaneous. The 15.6” display packs full HD resolution and boasts 94% NTSC panel which delivers higher color range and wide viewing angles. Colors are lifelike thanks to IPS technology.

The keyboard is full size and backlit. It has RGB keys and you customize the lighting with multiple backlit colors.

Razer Blade ultrabook with quad core processor

Razer Blade is a compact ultrabook with quad core processor and light weight chassis. Powering this beast is a quad core Intel i7 processor which is paired to the extreme Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 dedicated graphics. This allows you to enjoy 2.8GHz of quad-core processing power and Turbo Boost speeds and with its unmatchable Nvidia graphics card, you will be able to enjoy high definition 4K content like never before. The GPU is powered enough to let you play even the most intensive VR ready games without any hiccups.

Razer has managed to make this ultrabook mere 0.7” thin. This makes it the slimmest ultrabook with quad core processor. Despite that, the company managed to equip it with thunderbolt 3 port, USB Type-C and display port.
Razer Blade

It has Chroma anti-ghosting keyboard with RGB backlit keys that can be configured according to your liking. It is even possible to create keyboard macros using Razer Synapse.

There is whopping 512GB of SSD storage and fast dual channel 16GB RAM which makes it a multitasking champ. The fast SSD ensures quicker boot timing, faster app and game loading.

The screen is full HD and has been given matte coating for distraction free viewing. It can get incredibly bright at 350-nits.

Most complete ultrabook with quad core processor – Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW

The Asus Zenbook Pro is jem of a laptop. Packing an extremely powerful quad core processor, this Asus Zenbook comes with whopping 16GB of fast DDR4 memory and 512GB NVMe solid state storage. Also onboard is a dedicated Nvidia graphics card to deliver stunning GPU performance for both games and professional tasks.

It is one of the few ultrabooks with thunderbolt 3 port which lets you connect multiple external devices via single port and allowing 20Gbps transfer speed. The Zenbook Pro has premium uni-body design which is host to both active and passive cooling system. This helps keeping the system cool even under heavy CPU and GPU load.
Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW

Zenbook Pro has excellent sound system thanks to the pair of Bang & Olufsen speakers that have strong bass and output clearer vocals.

Its most distinctive yet useful feature is its 4k UHD display that is home to its 3840×2860 resolution. All that resolution means you are work with higher resolution images and vector graphics easily. It also lets you so much more data at a glance which will definitely help you boost your productivity. It has 74% Adobe RGB color reproduction which is also factory color calibrated.

The keyboard is full size and of course backlit. It is truly the most complete and sophisticated ultrabook of the lot. We are sure that you will love your purchase.

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